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Peace Corps Summer Internships Applications 2022 | Apply Now!


    The Peace Corps Summer Internship Program 2022 is now open! Students can serve as Peace Corps Volunteers in the United States through this program. Students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs at an accredited college or university are eligible to participate in the Peace Corps Summer Internship Program. The program provides first-hand experience in nonprofits, as well as service learning opportunities.

    About Peace Corps

    Peace Corps trains and deploys volunteers to provide international development assistance on behalf of the United States government. It was established in March 1961 by the executive order of John F. Kennedy and authorized by Congress in September 1961 by the Peace Corps Act. While running for president in 1960, Kennedy proposed the Peace Corps as a way to improve American leadership and image abroad. He cited Soviet deployments of skilled citizens as a way to advance values such as democracy and liberty and argued that the U.S. should do the same. Within three months of Kennedy’s presidency, the Peace Corps was formally established with support from both partisan congressmen and popular support.


    Company Name: Peace Corps
    Company Web:
    Number Of Available Internships: 30+
    Category: Government Agency

    What You Will Learn:

    • In the Peace Corps, how do you interact with a variety of people
    • Develop and support NPCA’s national advocacy network
    • Prepare for National Day of Action
    • Providing advocacy assistance and campaigning on Capitol Hill
    • Assisting NPCA with initiatives aimed at improving health care for returned Peace Corps Volunteers
    • This assignment will also include research, writing, and posting duties
    • Liaise with community members, group representatives, and stakeholders on behalf of the National Peace Corps Association
    • Assist with daily operational tasks as needed

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Communication skills, including the ability to write and send emails effectively
    • Communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing
    • Consistently adapting to circumstances and being flexible when necessary
    • Building relationships with other staff members, volunteers, and interns

    How To Apply For a Peace Corps Internship Application 2022?

    Applicants for peace corps internships must have a 2.7 cumulative GPA at the time of application and must maintain good academic standing thereafter. Your application should be reviewed within two weeks of submitting it. Trainees and volunteers who have served less than 24 months since sworn in as Volunteers earn $375/month. Responders and Volunteers who have served more than 24 months earn $475/month. Here are the application instructions

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