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Microsoft Summer Internship – Research Intern Adaptive Systems and Interaction In Redmond

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    Job Description:

    Research Internships at Microsoft provide a dynamic environment for research careers with a network of world-class research labs led by globally-recognized scientists and engineers. Our researchers and engineers pursue innovation in a range of scientific and technical disciplines to help solve complex challenges in diverse fields, including computing, healthcare, economics, and the environment.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Interns put inquiry and theory into practice.
    • Alongside fellow doctoral candidates and some of the world’s best researchers, interns learn, collaborate, and network for life.
    • Interns not only advance their own careers, but they also contribute to exciting research and development strides.
    • During the 12-week internship, students are paired with mentors and expected to collaborate with other interns and researchers, present findings, and contribute to the vibrant life of the community.
    • Research internships are available in all areas of research, and are offered year-round, though they typically begin in the summer.
    • As an intern in Microsoft Research AI, you will have the opportunity to develop your research career as a member of a world-class research organization.
    • We offer a vibrant environment for cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research, both theoretical and applied, including access to diverse data sources, an open publication policy, and close links to top academic institutions around the world.

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Excellent interpersonal skills, cross-group, and cross-culture collaboration.
    • Must be able to collaborate effectively with other researchers and product development teams.
    • Ability to think unconventionally to derive creative and innovative solutions.
    • Demonstrated ability to develop original research agendas.

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