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Fbi Internship 2023 – EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN In Kempston

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    Job Description:

    The mission of the FBI’s Health Care Fraud Case Support Team is to assist in the investigation of fraud cases involving major health care providers that operate in multiple jurisdictions and issues of national priority that require a rapid response.  The team works with DOJ’s National Rapid Response Strike Force (NRRSF).   The FBI Health Care Fraud Unit (HCFU) established the Health Care Fraud National Response Team (HCFNRT), which is comprised of Special Agents, to work with the DOJ Trial Attorneys on the NRRSF.  The FoAs will work in support of the FBI’s Health Care Fraud Case Support Team, supporting both criminal and civil investigations.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Handle HAZMAT evidence
    • Provide FBI policy to other agencies regarding packaging, maintenance and storage of evidence to assist in the development of their evidence program or for coordinative purposes
    • Responsible for the receipt, retention and disposition of evidence for the field office, which includes all items seized, recovered or contributed properties which are expected to be introduced in court and/or subject to chain-of-custody attack, regardless of size as collected by SAs and other law enforcement personnel, ensuring it is appropriately collected, documented and stored
    • Provide extensive advice, guidance, and training for the Special Agents (SAs) and Professional Staff on all aspects of evidence processing and procedures including search, protocol, evidence packaging, and proper completion of paperwork
    • Responsible for the security aspects of the Evidence Control Room (ECR) including safe combinations and secure areas, and personnel traffic to and from ECR locations
    • Serve on the Evidence Response Team in multi-agency task force and other cases and provide crime scene assistance
    • Testify in a court of law concerning the security and chain-of-custody of evidence

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Selectee will be required to complete form FD-887, Request for Access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)
    • Must be a current, permanent FBI employee
    • Must be able to obtain an SCI clearance
    • Selectee will be required to complete a Confidential Financial Disclosure Report, OGE-450 annually

    To apply for this job please visit

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